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Adobe Marketo

Adobe Marketo

Digital Campaign (2021)

Art Direction, Design

Creative Credits:
Executive Creative Director: Theo Tan
Senior Art Director: Jeffrey Mooi
Writer: Jonathan Yeo

In a world where the winds of change constantly blow, it's crucial to have a solid foundation to weather any storm. Inspired by the timeless tale of the Three Little Pigs, this campaign, "Straws. Sticks. Bricks" aims to empower SMBs with the wisdom of preparedness, resilience, and adaptability.

By drawing parallels with this timeless classic, we hope to convey the message that with resilience, foresight, and the right support, businesses can partner with Adobe Marketo to overcome adversity and weather the storms ahead.

A series of digital assets were created for this campaign from ebooks to online social banners to eDMs as well as a microsite.

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