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Void Deck Kids Club
NFT Collection

Void Deck Kids Club

NFT Collection (2022)

Branding, Art Direction, Digital Design, Illustration, Social and Content Marketing

Remember those days when you were a kid growing up in Singapore and the happiest place on earth was your void deck? This NFT collection celebrates the sweet memories of the kids who used to make our void deck an exciting place to be in and relive the joys of growing up in Singapore.


This personal project started in 2022 with the aim to understand more about the world of NFTs, metaverse, cryptocurrency, blockchain etc. Everything from conceptualising the idea, from branding to illustrating and creation of the characters, setting up and managing the various social media platforms (Instagram & Twitter/X) to listing them on OpenSea, were all done within 3 months. It was a huge learning curve but overall, it has been a really fun project.

This Void Deck Kids Club NFT collection can be minted over at OpenSea.

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