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Mastercard APAC
SME Forum

Mastercard APAC SME Forum

Event Branding (2023)

Art Direction, Design

Creative Credits:
Executive Creative Director: Minzie Liyu
Senior Art Director: Jeffrey Mooi
Writer: Sharon Chan

Mastercard hosted an APAC SME forum titled the ‘Mastercard Customer Awakening Event’ at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall in November 2023. This is Mastercard’s first APAC SME forum which allows discussions over a range of topics from artificial intelligence to social commerce and sustainability. This event also addressed how SMEs can adapt and their impact  in times of uncertainty. Core business and best use cases were covered in the various sessions as well as how Mastercard can drive digital acceptance for SMEs.

We were tasked to create both digital and physical event assets such as presenters’ key notes templates, directional guides, main stage and booths backdrops, table tent cards with interactive QR codes and attendees’ name tags.

Event photos © Mastercard

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