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MUJI Kiddy Ride
Coin Bank

MUJI Design myBag, Tote Bag Design, 2017

Design, Illustration

The brief was to create a design for MUJI cotton tote bag based on the theme 'Rediscovering Singapore'. It is inspired by traditional items of the past and re-discovered values of the creation in modern way of life.


The coin-operated kiddy ride was a nostalgic amusement ride in Singapore during my childhood. The circus seal kiddie ride was my favourite as I was able to spin the ball on top of the seal. It was found mostly outside provision shops and cost 20 cents back then. This idea is about using the same design but repurposing it as a coin bank, which kids (or even adults) can use to save up those spare coins. It's a pretty nostalgic item to rediscover the values of thriftiness and the importance of saving for rainy days.

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