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JLL 'Conversations'

JLL 'Conversations'

Investors Campaign (2019)

Art Direction, Design, UX/UI 

Creative Credits:
Creative Director: Ian Bickerton

Copywriter: Brian Johnsen

Video Production: Alpha Grid

JLL is known for core business transactions by existing regional investor clients. However, clients are not aware of the full range of advice and support which JLL can provide, eg. Debt Advisory, Funds Advisory, Corporate Finance and Alternative Sectors. The idea of this campaign is to set the expectation that because JLL is the most strategic, creative and connected real estate expert, and you will have a better conversation with JLL.


The campaign visual art direction is set mainly black and white, to give it a premium look and feel. Campaign messaging always start off with simple but big questions which investor clients often have on their minds, ending with a call-to-action to drive clients to start a conversation with JLL. A series of Investors Round Table videos introducing JLL experts in conversations were also produced and hosted on the campaign website. Social media banners were created to drive traffic to the website too.


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