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Ninja Van Thailand

Awareness Campaign (2018)

Art Direction, Illustration, Design

Creative Credits:

Creative Directors: Mark Chung, Khairul Misnal

Art Directors: Callison Neo, Jeffrey Mooi, Karin Lye

Ninja Van has been in Thailand since 2016 but are having a hard time gaining traction as a result of incumbent competitors having a stranglehold of the market. They needed to stand out and be seen as more than a delivery serivce company which can fulfill their promise of next-day delivery. The creative concept of “We’ll do whatever it takes” highlights Ninja Van working tirelessly to improve and get better, going the extra mile to get your package delivered no matter how treacherous the conditions are. Deliverables include OOH BTS billboards and bus-stop ads, online social (Facebook and Line), which were translated to the Thai language.

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